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Amethyst Clusters - Standing

  • SKU: R1066A-30

Available in packs of 50

Min Qty: 50


These are Natural Amethyst Druzy Clusters from Brazil. They are cut with a flat base so they can be displayed standing. This is light color Amethyst, each piece is unique and will vary in shape and color. Sold by the pound. This pack will contain 25-30 pieces and weigh approximately 50 lbs. Sizes range from 1/4 lb to 12 lbs, and stand anywhere from 3" to 10" tall and 3" to 8" wide. At a 33% discount and weighing approximately 50 lbs, means you pay $3.02 per pound.

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These selections of Amethyst Clusters were chosen by the miners in Brazil. Each case is carefully packed by hand in Brazil. We can sell these beautiful clusters at such unbelievably low prices because no money was spent unpacking, inspecting, and repacking here in Arizona. Each piece is cut with a flat base so they can be displayed standing. Pieces are a light color of Amethyst. Each piece is unique. Color and shape/size will vary from piece to piece.