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Fulgurite Educational Box

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Available in packs of 12

Min Qty: 12


Excerpt from Informational card: "Fulgur is latin meaning "thunderbolt". Fulgurites are natural hollow glass tubes formed in sandy soil by lightning strikes. Lightning strikes with speeds up to 140,000 mph, and temperatures up to 54,000 °F that produce up to 300 million volts of energy. This strike instantaneously melts...." (see card for more information) Display holds 60 individually boxed Fulgerites, in a self-contained display, with a descriptive card included in each box. Assorted sizes. Display is 10" x 10" x 3-1/2". Individual plastic box is 2-1/4" x 3" x 3/4".

Minimum order quantity is 12.
FREE Box Display and colorful sign with each 60 piece order.